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Circulation customer service

To subscribe, to report missed delivery, to make vacation stops/starts, to order a change in service, to purchase back issues or to ask billing questions:

Phone: 314-340-8888

Hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Weekends and Holidays: Use our automated service 314-340-8888, or visit our Online Support Portal to manage your account.

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Our events calendar offers free and paid options to feature events for your school or church, your bar or restaurant, your band or community organization. We hope it makes submitting and finding events on, in the Post-Dispatch and in Go!, much easier! This will give you more control over listing your event and make it easier for our readers and your customers to find out what is happening in the St. Louis area.

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This press release site is designed to allow you to share news with the readership of The Post-Dispatch has reviewed the contents of these news releases before they were posted on, but has not verified their accuracy.

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To place a church directory ad: 314-340-8549.
To place a classified business ad or private party ad: 314-621-6666 or 1-800-365-0820 or go here.
To place a Death Notice online and in the newspaper: 314-340-8600 or e-mail:
To place a business ad campaign online or in the newspaper: 314-340-8500 or e-mail:


The marketing department creates awareness about the Post-Dispatch and its products by communicating ways it has impact on people's lives, their businesses and communities. Listed below are some of the Post-Dispatch marketing programs.

Media inquiries

All inquiries from other media (TV, radio, etc.) should call 314-340-8903; e-mail Tracy Rouch.

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Visit to see merchandise sold by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Or call 1-877-767-8785.

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Corrections to the prep sports section must come from the school coach. Have the coach contact our prep sports editors at 314-830-5400 or by e-mailing

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If you have a suggestion for a photo assignment, please try to make your suggestion at least a week before the scheduled event. You can submit those suggestions to our visual team via email to

Fax numbers

  • Classified: 314-340-8665
  • Retail advertising: 314-340-3140
  • Circulation: 314-340-3028
  • Business: 314-340-3060
  • City Desk: 314-340-3050
  • Editorial: 314-340-3139
  • Features: 314-340-3080
  • Metro: 314-340-3050
  • Photo: 314-340-3103
  • Sports: 314-340-3070

Questions about digital subscriptions

Customer service 314-340-8888

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Ian Caso Publisher 314-657-3377
Kevin Hart Advertising 314-340-8508
Bob Rose Digital content and strategy 314-340-8333

Newsroom leadership

Alan Achkar Executive editor 314-340-8387

Editorial page

Tod Robberson Editorial page editor 314-340-8382
Kevin M. McDermott Editorial writer


David Hunn Local news editor 314-340-8121
Roland Klose Enterprise editor 314-340-8128
Jacob Barker Watchdog reporter 314-340-8291
Kim Bell Breaking news reporter 314-340-8115
Nassim Benchaabane St. Louis County reporter 314-340-8167
Blythe Bernhard Education reporter 314-340-8129
Jesse Bogan Metro reporter 314-340-8255
Kurt Erickson Jefferson City reporter 573-556-6181
Taylor Tiamoyo Harris Night crime reporter 314-340-8319
Erin Heffernan St. Louis County reporter 314-340-8145
Joe Holleman Metro reporter 314-340-8254
Austin Huguelet St. Louis City reporter 314-788-1651
Katie Kull Public safety reporter 314-340-8087
Kelsey Landis St. Louis County government reporter 314-340-8304
Bill McClellan News columnist 314-340-8143
Tony Messenger Metro columnist 314-340-8518
Michele Munz Health reporter 314-340-8263
Dana Rieck Breaking news reporter 314-340-8344
Mark Schlinkmann St. Charles County and transportation reporter 314-340-8265
Jack Suntrup Jefferson City reporter 573-556-6186


Sarah Garrecht Gassen Business editor 314-340-8130
Bryce Gray Energy and environment 314-340-8307
Steph Kukuljan Real estate and development 314-340-8506
Annika Merrilees Business of health care 314-340-8528
Daniel Neman Retail writer 314-340-8133


Wade Wilson Presentation editor 314-340-8138
Alex Valentine Digital presentation editor 314-340-8220
Liz Miller Digital content editor 314-340-8917
Beth O'Malley Reader engagement editor 314-340-8869
Josh Renaud Developer 314-340-8162


Gary Hairlson Multimedia director 314-340-8279
Michael Hamtil Assistant multimedia director
David Carson Photographer
Robert Cohen Photographer
Chris Drury Online video producer 314-340-8530
Christian Gooden Photographer
Hillary Levin Photographer
Laurie Skrivan Photographer

Newsroom administration

Maureen Tomczak Office manager 314-340-8102
Jennifer K. Selph News researcher 314-340-8728


Santiago Carlos Ayulo Senior presentation editor 314-340-8361
Brent Fisher Night presentation editor
Ethan Erickson Designer 314-340-8360
Daniel E. Martin Cartoonist and designer 314-340-8308
Nathan Mills Production editor
Amy Verkamp-McArthy Production editor


Roger Hensley Sports editor 314-340-8301
Chris Gove Editor, high school sports 314-744-5725
Daniel Caesar Reporter 314-340-8175
Stu Durando College reporter
Ben Frederickson Sports columnist 314-340-8204
Derrick Goold Cardinals reporter
Jeff Gordon Online sports
Benjamin Hochman Sports columnist
Rick L. Hummel Pro baseball reporter
Joe Lyons Reporter
Dave Matter College reporter
Jim Thomas Hockey reporter
Tom Timmermann Hockey reporter

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Amy Bertrand Features editor 314-340-8284
Gabe Hartwig Deputy features editor 314-340-8353
Ian Froeb Restaurant critic 314-340-8348
Jane Henderson Book editor 314-340-8107
Kevin C. Johnson Popular music critic 314-340-8191
Colleen Schrappen Features reporter 314-340-8072
Valerie Schremp Hahn Features reporter 314-340-8246
Aisha Sultan Lifestyle columnist and reporter 314-340-8300
Calvin Wilson Theater critic 314-340-8346

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